There was a day with no night. A night with no day. Chaos erupted in some parts of the world, while others looked to their science to explain. Solar flares were blamed for the world power grid going dark. Some thought there had been an alien attack. Others that magic had returned as in many popular novels. In the aftermath of that day of chaos, people began to develop abilities beyond the human norm. Or perhaps they had the ability all along, and it awakened with the help of some unknown outside force.

From women who control ice, to men turning into animals, the governments of the world want to control and contain these aberrations. Imprison them, or use them as soldiers. The danger as they see it is to themselves as much as the people they govern. How do you stop a teenage delinquent with claws that cut titanium from robbing a bank? Or stop a girl with the ability to make men do whatever she desires from controlling presidents?

Among the fearful are those with stronger hearts; men and women with powers determined to show the world they are human as well. Protectors, rather than despoilers.

Human, but Awakened.

Awaken, arise

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